Electronics | Medium Retro Game Computer

In similar spirit to the previously built Retro Game Computer case, I created a new, smaller one. The box opens/locks with hinges, and contains a Raspberry Pi 3B+ running RetroPie, a rudimentary game controller, a wireless mouse, a powerbank, and a small Bluetooth keyboard. It also contains a short 5V RGB LED-strip.

The box contains holes on the side to access the external ports of the Raspberry Pi, as well as a pushbutton to turn the system on or off. The case itself was sanded down, covered with metallic gold acrylic spray paints, and finally coated in three layers of acrylic gloss varnish.

The top of the box is fitted with a blue LED, directly controlled via pin 37 (GPIO26) as its forward voltage is over 3V; it is associated with SD-card activity. The pushbutton is connected to pins 5 (GPIO3) and 6 (GND). There is a Python script running as a service in the background, continously monitoring the button's state, which in turn triggers a proper shutdown sequence for the CPU. In low-power mode, the board is reactivated once the button is pressed again.